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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Once upon a time, a uniquely sexy young man showed up at my doorstop. He inquired if I would like to join him on a roadtrip.

I asked him, "Are you an American?"
He said, "yes."
I said, "Strike one."

I then asked, "When is this road trip to?"
He said, " Chicago, Florida, New Orleans... wherever the wind takes us."
I said, "What, you Americans too GOOD to drive to Europe? Strike two."

I asked him, "Will you stop me from drawing constantly?"
He said, "Only if you're missing something important."
I said, "Never interrupt me from drawing. Strike three. You're out, no roadtrip."

We stood in an awkward moment of mutual disappointment.

I asked him, "Will there be fornication?"
He said, "Um, do you want there to be?"

I asked, "Can I look at your bum?"
He said (nervously), "Uh... I suppose."
I said, "Awesome."
And it was. And we did.*
* Fornicate, that is. I'm not sure how clear that was. I'm an artist, not a writer! SHEESH!
That was a true story, slightly edited for interest's sake. I added in all the naughty bits. It was actually a fairly respectful hug, with respectable amounts of groping. I actually didn't even ask him any questions. I'm an all out LIAR.
So, anyway, I am going on a delightful splendtacular roadtrip. I will be on the wild, open roads of America until around mid April, and thus my blog will only be updated during that time, if I'm able to find internet access in the ditch. I'm going to be drawing like a madwoman, regardless of what Eric has to say about it (he'll be disgustingly encouraging, I'll bet).
So be sure to tune in to Double Chin around the middle of next month, for the post of a lifetime, revealing my unbelievable, death-defying, sexy, hilarious, illuminating adventures, with much tedious driving time thrown in to balance the mix!!!!! Wowzers!
PS. (This Guy: is the shit. His drawings of girls blows my mind. It is how I want to draw girls. I want to steal his hand and wear it on my head as a bloody trophy.)
BTW- the title of this post, "America-HO!" is to suggest that I'm going to America, and I'm going to be a total ho while I'm down there. On a ho-related note... MEL GET A BLOG! Your art is MORE than awesome enough to post! So DO IT DO IT NOW or I won't send you those nudie-girly-postcards!!!! Take THAT!!!


  • your a strange one sarah. Who'd of thunk. Pity I didnt talk to you more while you were around school. (to quiet i guess- i meant myself). Your art is totally rockin, and you got some pretty hilarious (yet interesting) observations on life. Have fun travelling the states!


    By Blogger Hoggan, at 10:08 PM  

  • she was a sho...

    oh sarah, you are silly

    have fun on your trip :)

    <3 kristin

    By Blogger Kristin, at 1:08 PM  

  • Have fun in the states. Make sure you draw all the americans as the war-mongers they are!
    (haha just wanted to cause controvery, i don't really believe that. .......really....)

    By Blogger Melissa, at 5:58 PM  

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