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Friday, March 17, 2006

Finally, more than just rambling...

At this moment, I am whitening my teeth. The back of the box was right, I CAN wear Crest Whitestrips (TM) while "Surfing the Net". I havn't tried to whiten my teeth while "Reading/Watching TV", "Commuting", or "Shopping", as they claim I may, but I have while "Showering/Dressing" and "Housework." So they're not lying on 3/6 counts, as of yet. The only concern I have is that this box of strips expired two years ago. Will my teeth survive expired peroxide? Only time shall tell!!!!! (cliffhanger!!!)

So went to lifedrawing again, tonight. It went pretty good, I'm starting to get the hang of it again. And we did drapery studies, which I havn't done before, to my recollection (except for a couple clothed quickie gestures once when the model hadn't show up and one of the students got up and posed for the rest of us.) So... yeah! Clothes on the model! Some of the shorter poses turned out pretty cool, but this is the one I'm most proud of, it's 15 min. Too bad I didn't get to the head in time! The model was very pretty, and I enjoyed drawing her.

And here are some sketches I did today. These three were drawn at the bus station. Hehe I accidently typed "bust" station, at first. That's an interesting mental picture.

This next one I sketched from a funny picture of an old guy that I found on someone's blog. And in response to what you're thinking, no, I really didn't even TRY to make that guitar look like anything. Yeah, sad.

And these next ones are just from trying to sketch chicks from my imagination, fast. I'm getting better, but there's still something too tight and... not fun enough, about these sketches. I need to get looser and loopier, and just go faster, I guess.

My teeth are done their peroxiding. They feel very smooth.


  • You know, being french I wouldn't bother commenting on such an entry, but since you've almost forgiven me for that, I guess I'll make an effort. 2 years of expiration for peroxide are bound to bring unpredictable results, so your teeth better have some pretty unique properties next time I see ya, cuz white just won't cut it for such a cliffhanger. Maybe they could grow bleached hair? Only time will tell!

    PS: You've unlinked me! Wah wah, whine whine, bring back the shine to Guillaume's dull smile by linking back to him. Have a nice day!

    By Blogger Guillaume, at 11:03 AM  

  • OMG, how did your link dissappear??? that was NOT intentional, I must have accidentally erased it when adding new ones!! I'm sorry, Guillaume!!!

    Yeah, I'm hoping my teeth turn bright orange or florescent pink. Eeww, but growing bleached hair... on my TEETH? You french and your crazy imaginations!!!

    ps. you have an nice day too!!!

    By Blogger Sarah, at 11:35 AM  

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