Double Chin

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Mel Smells.

First off: I need to get a life and stop loving this blogging thing so much.

Second: This is Mel. She is a smelly, dirty ho. She needs to get a blog, right now. Or I will smite her. And by smite, I mean slander online via my blog, as I am doing right now. HEY MEL, GETTA BLOG YOU HO-BAG!!

I heart Mel. Everyone need to have their own Mel. She's like an ipod, or one of those fancy little ridiculously expensive purses that rich girls buy to show off how rich they are. Mel's fit in most overhead compartments, because they are short. They are very poke-able, and if you poke them in the belly you will get punched in the face, which is entertaining. Mel, the must-have accessory of the 21st century. THAT'S RIGHT, MEL, I CALLED YOU AN ACCESSORY! Getta BLOG and REFUTE! MWMWMWHAHAHAHA!!
Oh, everyone needs their own Mel. But get your own. This ones mine, and I only share her with her legions of Man-Slaves. (she has a harem.)


  • I respect any post that utilises the word "smite" at least twice :p

    By Blogger verniciousknids, at 10:33 PM  

  • heh, thanks. Bringing woe upon the masses in a God like fashion isn't done enough, now adays.

    Man, that's so cool that you're posting all the way from Japan. My mind continues to be blown to little quivering puddles by the powers of the interweb.

    By Blogger Sarah, at 10:43 AM  

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