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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Wowee! Cartoonyness power!

Man, the existence of blogs is the best boon to cartoonists EVER (or at least since... TV???) . There's so many extremely AWESOME people with blogs that I can conveniently look through and get the pants inspired off me. Oh Katie Rice, my love overflows. If you were dead, I'd leave awesome stuff at your grave all the time. Her ID photo is so wonderful, she makes a crazy giraffe kindof shape with her mouth. I was kinda slow on the uptake, here... see, I grew up on a farm, and never got any cable my entire childhood... I actually missed out on most of the cool 80s cartoons (except the Nelvana ones)... and also never saw any Ren and Stimpy, (or any other Spumko related fare) until very recently. (I 'mostly got Carebears and Disney type stuff.) Of course, that influenced my style and tastes. So now, in my early 20's, I'm FINALLY discovering how awesome John K and Spumko's stuff is. ooooooooooooooh. me likey the pictures.

So all these blogs and artists... this stuff is so fun and cartoony and energetic and stuff... so much less stiff than the stuff I normally look at. It's so bloody inspiring... now I'm scribbling all over my sketchbooks, it's so much more fun to just go nuts. I HEART CARTOONINESS, THESE ARTISTS, AND THE INTERWEB for bringing us together!
This blog makes me laugh a lot. It also confirm that living in California just IS more fun than here. It's just a rule of the universe, somehow.

Oh, and on another note, I've realized that usually have the attention span of a toothpick. So rather than fight it, why don't I just make drawings and art that works with this, rather than against it? Exactly.

WHEEEEEEE. I'm listening to music that makes me hyper. Hopefully I'll post some new sketches soon.


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