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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Marker studies

These are some marker sketches of late, playing with different ideas and imagery. I so rarely use color, it's like an exciting new adventure. And I must admit I sometimes love gaudy saturated colors, they're so fun.

This one is my own rendition of an Edvard Munch lithograph. I've been adopting some of his imagery lately, it really resonates with me. This the three stages of womanhood, a poison flower.
An ill fetus (with dandilion.)
Two different color schemes for a doodle that I've decided try my hand at painting. Experimenting with unusual color choices (expanding my mind, man...)
Another based on an Eduard Munch image of an insane woman (inspired by his sister). I added in the room. I'm finding something compelling in the combination of bright colors and cheerful decoration juxtiposed with melencholic subject matter.
Some more experiments with color, pattern, and imagery. The two central women were copied from an Edvard Munch painting.
Right now I'm concentrating on sacrificing some of the glossy, pretty, pre-planned slickness in drawing, in order to get images down urgently, directly, and without self-censorship.


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