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Saturday, April 15, 2006


Hellooo! I'm back (sortof.)
I'm at Eric's (Chicago-land) waiting for him to get back with a couple of friends I've only met once before**, and I'm brushing my teeth so that I'm not extremely gross. I'm already sortof gross, because today we were in Chicago (I went to the field museum and drew their AMAZING collection of taxidermied animals; the leopard was the best for its super intense creeping pose; they also had the Man Eaters of L... ? ... that place in Africa where "The Ghost in the Darkness" happened. They had those lions. They were neato.) Anyway, so the point I was getting to is that we were in Chicago and had to run a whole lot of blocks through downtown in order to not miss our train.... so as a result I'm already sortof gross and smelly. But brushing my teeth is all I'm going to do to impress Eric's friends, because I like this icky sweaty yet pretty shirt that I have on, and I ain't changing out of it.

**The first time I met them, I was in a wheelchair, pretending to be physically handicapped (IT WAS ERIC'S IDEA, HE'S THE HORRIBLE PERSON). Since that prank, I don't think they entirely know what to think of me.

So, I'm going back to Ontario tomorrow, and then I'll be able to get my photos developed (yeah, I had to use disposable cameras b/c I left my digital at home. doh.) and then I can post and pictures and explain about all the exciting adventures going down to New Orleans. We visited Elvis in Graceland, went to a lot of art galleries in Chicago and N.O., toured graveyards (and saw REAL OLD HUMAN BONES in a grave/tomb thing that was broken), saw the sobering wreckage from hurricane Katrina, played around in the French Quarter, went on a swamp tour (WHERE I GOT AN AWESOME NEW PET!!), saw crazy awesome doll museum with creepy old dolls, went camping, caught really fast lizards and a fat toad, got my face pressed between a stripper's really fake water-balloon boobs, had my tarot cards and palm read, saw a magic show, ate tons of delicious seafood and po-boys and gumbo and fried chicken, AND bought some really awesome souvenirs (I got the cheesy stuff for my friends. mwaha.) And... I might be forgetting some stuff.
On top of that I've become incredibly inspired to paint (in oils, and I want to buy some acrylics when I get home). Visiting art galleries and seeing all kinds of new things has reinvigorated me, and I'm so excited to get back to work on some serious artmaking.

So in the next few days, I'll be posting the most choice photos, telling the accompanying stories, as well as putting some of my new work. oh boy oh boy.

Man, I can't believe they're not here yet. My teeth are more than brushed.


  • Woah, sounds like you had a really intense and freakishly awesome trip! =D Did you guys meet people like Mario in the french quarter? Anyway, can't wait to hear and see about all those crazy stories. If you haven't left Chicago yet, tell Eric to bring his baseball equipment with him, we have to have a match or two before the semester ends! Oh and we're having a potluck dinner next Sunday, so be there or be square! See ya around~ :D

    By Blogger Guillaume, at 11:06 AM  

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