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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Color saturation, fetuses, toys, etc.

I havn't been drawing in my sketchbook a whole lot, lately... I think it's because all these colored playings that I've been working at has been satisfying my compulsive need to image-make. Which I'm ok with, because I've been phobic about color for too many years, and finally getting caught up in it is a lot of fun.

In this image (ballpoint pen and markers) I've exercised my God-give right to pump up the saturation of colors using Photoshop. Thanks, God. Color rocks, and was a really good move, creation-wise! And a worshipful shout-out to whatever science deities created Photoshop!

I think that dark blue on the head was a bad call. I'll know better, next time.

Another thing. Am I the only female out there that's a little unnerved by the idea of something like this:

growing inside my torso? Seriously. LOOK at it. The movie Aliens wasn't too far off in its imagery and metaphors. Maybe that's why there're hidden inside for most of that time, until they're at least a little less freaky looking. This sometimes gets on my mind, since cousins and old school chums my age are starting to produce offspring. Yikes.
Wouldn't it be nicer if fetuses looked more like this:

I'd DEFINATELY have a very difficult time choosing to abort something THAT cute.


  • hahahaha. shit sarah you're too damn funny ^__^ wouldn't it be weird tho having something that furry inside of you?

    By Blogger EdoAvenir, at 10:53 AM  

  • yeah, I guess it would be kinda wierd, too... the hair would be all wet and matted up... see, it just goes to show that someting living in your belly is just... I guess unnatural is not at all the correct word... hehe...

    By Blogger Sarah, at 8:58 AM  

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