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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

create create create, freely you silly people

Trying some more things, breaking more of my own rules and having fun doing it:

Folk art style in acrylics! Horray flatness, texture, and wonkiness!

Unplanned play in acrylics and collaged paper! A painting that descended into the abyss of incoherence and ugliness, and had to be dragged back into pictureness.

The not-PG friendly collage! wuh-oh! She's touching his larva covered worm, as the Queen Elisabeth in her leisure suite looks on. I don't think she approves.


  • Yeah! All those fun artworks make me want to pull out the old acrylic paints and mediums and have some fun! Although I wouldn't want to give the impression that I'm responding to your sneaky subliminal post title, no siree bob, I'm smarter than that. Or am I?

    Anyway, great stuff, the textures and motifs of the first two pics are really neat, and I love the composition of the collage... it's almost good enough to divert from the blatant artsy-fartsy provocation! =P Seriously, that's gross, I mean, putting the Queen in there. Nice try, but it's gonna take more than that to shock your jaded teen audience. Ha!

    By Blogger Guillaume, at 8:51 PM  

  • heya Guillaume! Man, why do you always post comments that I have to THINK about my response? geez, forcing me to think is really mean.

    I'm glad that the subtle mind-control of the title has effected you, I want to see you go insane and start using different mediums. Cause if I'm going down, I'm dragging you with me. mwahaha

    Makes me happy that you likes the pics! About the "blatant artsy-fartsy provocation" in the collage... actually, I didn't intend it to be provocative. When I was making it, I decided that I'd just start pulling out and pasting images, and let happen whatever combinations of things my instincts told me to do. I wasn't trying to shock, just letting my brain's censor take a break for a while.
    And while I know that my jaded teen audience isn't shocked, I also know that you're not a teen, and far from jaded, oh delicate Guillaume. So... there's is a chance you were slightly taken aback. maha.
    You know, I didn't even put the queen in there as some sort of stupid social/political commentary or something. I just had an old book with pictures of the queen, and her pose and outfit and everything just fit image I was making. That's it.

    By Blogger Sarah, at 8:55 AM  

  • Haha, think my little puppet, THINK!!!

    Yeah, I was being the devil's advocate there, screaming the outrage of concerned mothers, yadyada. I wasn't really schocked or anything... well, maybe just a bit, but in a good way!

    You know though, I'd be really really curious to throw that collage in a hord of contemporary art conoisseurs and see the result. The juicy analysis, the speculations, it'd be awesome! Mwaha.

    By Blogger Guillaume, at 3:04 PM  

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