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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Lifedrawing, acrylic doodle, books

First of all... I am very suspicious that my roommates make my chinchilla smoke pot, somehow. (one of them used to hotbox his hamster on a regular basis, until he crushed it in the couch accidently.) I just got back from lifedrawing, and she is acting INSANE and twitching and bitey and paranoid-looking, to an extent I've never seen before. Now she's intently chewing the lifeblood out of a piece of wood I gave her. Man, I have to confront those roommates, and tell them NO. Bad. My chinchilla is NOT going to become a dope fiend.

Soooo... a couple posts ago, I flippantly remarked that I know how to draw the figure, and don't need to prove that anymore. Well, about that, um... lifedrawing tonight suggested otherwise. I got there, and sat my brain down, and said "hey, brain, there's a naked lady right there, and we KNOW how to draw naked ladies. So let's just take the conte and make an ok drawing of her. Capiche?" And my brain said, "SURE THING! I can do that, no problem!"

Oh, there was a problem.
There was a definitely a problem.

So, I also posted last week that I'd put up some lifedrawings, no matter how badly it went (what with this journal about being honest and not trying to impress anyone, etc.), but ouch. I really want to take it back, and go hide under a rock.

But I won't. I'm a trooper. And...

SERIOUSLY, my chinchilla is INSANE! She's all over the place!

But, yeah, anyway, here are the least disgraceful of the lifedrawings!

30 seconds.

1 minute

1-2 minutes

3-5 minute-ish

So in conclusion from this evening of lifedrawing: There's nowhere to go but up! I'm starting to get the feel for it again, just have to keep at it.
Now here's a little acrylic painting I did today! Playing around with the medium, testing out some things.

I also visited some art galleries today and received plenty of inspiration. And then went to a used bookstore and bought some books I didn't really have the superfluous funds for. But they were pretty cheap. It's all good.

"Fantastic Painters"- color plates of some wonderfully surreal and bizarre pieces
"Russian Folk-Style Figurines" - AWESOME.
"Folk Art of Europe"- Oh sweet Jesus take me now. I'm happy.

Today while I was painting, I felt so perfectly content and at peace with my life. It was a very nice moment. Playing with texture and brushstrokes, mixing up paint with my palette knife, gliding it on to canvas; not worrying if it's the right or wrong way to paint, but just getting caught up in the act... so therapeutic. Purr. Now I just need to find that same zen while lifedrawing.


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