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Friday, May 05, 2006

Oil Paintings

These are the two oil paintings that I did a little over a month ago, when I was staying at Eric's, and he let me use his supplies. It had been years since I'd tinkered with oil paints. I didn't plan anything out each time, I just sat a canvas in front of me, and resolved to create something, ANYTHING, start to finish, in one sitting.
I found it very fun and exhilarating to do this, to just grab colors and let your subconscious do whatever it wants. Now I can't wait until I've saved up the money to buy some oil paints and canvases of my own, and keep practicing.

This next one actually didn't start with ANY kind of image in my head of the total composition (the above image, I was disciplined enough to at least work through the entire canvas simultaneously.) For this one, I actually started with just doing little painting doodle exercises, experimenting with globes and areas of color, trying different brush techniques. Several times I turned the canvas 90 degrees to doodle on another part of it. And then, once I had far too many disconnected shapes and colors going, I decided I had to SOMEHOW pull the whole thing together into something of a balanced composition. I don't think the painting is an overwhelming success, as an end piece. But in relation to my goals (pulling the composition and color scheme somewhat coherently together from a huge mess) it was fairly successful.

wow. I just went to another browser to find the name "Aya Takano", and that was like... must have been an hour ago. I completely forgot this post was here, waiting to be finished. Geez! But, at least I just found some new amazing and inspiring artists, and got some ideas for some kinds of things I would like to make!! (next year when I take a ceramics class, I'm DEFINITELY going to make a cookie jar! I've also been thinking of making a coloring book for young adults. Very excited about that project, too, although I don't know how exactly I would distribute it.... hmmm.)
ANYWAY, I went to find out how to spell Aya Takano's name, because I was going to mention that that second painting of the girl in a trippy space world was, I think, vaguely inspired by her beautiful work. Because I'd been drooling all over her paintings in a book, just shortly before making that picture.

On another note, I just got a free desk the other day from some random girl I met in the elevator, who was moving out of the apartment building. So now I have a BEAUTIFUL desk right under my window where I can paint and ink and draw and keep my art supplies and make up all kinds of nonsense. Before, I was usually just sitting on the floor to paint, and it was hurting my back. booo. So new desk=YAY!
ps. Oh God I need to find someone to hire me. Oh no money. super boo! I hope the Blockbuster downstairs hires me, I'd like getting employee discounts on movies. Mmmm, moooovies. ::drool::


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