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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Random blabbing

Man, my computer's fan is so noisy. I think it's semi-clogged with chinchilla hair (those crazy rats shed their soft, soft fur all over the place. man.) But I'm pretty nervous about opening up my computer tower to clean it, because I suspect that the second I attempt to do anything dis-assembling-like to the tower, it's gonna be like "uh, no, no touchee." and explode. And I really love my computer and don't want it to die. That would be highly awful.
But my computer is so loud, it's annoying.
Life is so complicated. God.

So, I didn't get a call for the job at the art supply store, which I don't understand because I'm so incredibly qualified- I've worked retail, lots of art background, willing to receive crap pay, and work crappy hours, and know how to act cheerful to customers even if I hate their guts. So why didn't I get the love call? What's wrong with this world?
Looking for a job is lame. I'm sick of it. And Johann gave me bronchitis. So I'm actually sick. Sick is lame. Bitch bitch bitch. :P

On a very positive note, I just discovered two new sources of amusement:

The Adult Swim Fix, where my sad lack of Cartoon Network can be somewhat remedied! Horray! And they have a blog for people who work there, that is also fun to read. Man, people in the industry are just as biga lameo dorks as I am! It's so awesome!

And... I really can't remember what the second one was. Dammit. But I'm sure it was something good.

On a related note, I don't know if it's the internet that's ruined me, or just plain ADD acting up, but I can't seem to find the attention span to watch an entire episode of anything on tv. I just get so bored I wander off half way through a show. Or it just might be a product of how boring so much of tv is right now. But I rented a couple movies from Blockbuster a week or two ago, and it took me several different tries to finish watching the first one. I loved it, it was an INCREDIBLE movie (The Sweet Hereafter) but I just couldn't sit through the whole thing in one shot. I had to do it in installments. I'm about half way through the second movie after a couple tries.
Is watching tv and movies really something a person should be "working on"? Am I the only one alarmed by this?
Making art is the only thing really holding my attention lately, and with that, jumping from project to project and medium to medium keeps it interesting.

When your chinchilla tries to bite you, that means she loves you, right? She's lucky she's so cute. Same thing for my crayfish. If she wasn't so cute in such a super ugly way, she wouldn't get away with trying to pinch me all the time. As it is, it's more like a "aww, she's trying to claw my eyes out!" Ned Flanders kinda thing. Johann suggested that I name her Cars, because that's what the old label on the side of her tupperware container home says. I like the idea. As long as no one thinks I'm naming her after some Pixar movie. That would be lame.

Wow, I'm rambling. But that's why Sunday mornings are for, when you wake up earlier than your roommates. And you're procastinating from cleaning computer fans.


  • Ah Sarah, your ramblings are so entertaining! :D Great stuff on the recent art posts, I like what I see. I'm in California right now btw, yays!

    Go and open up that computer, you're a warrior!

    By Blogger Guillaume, at 12:54 PM  

  • Heh, as long as you enjoy them, Guillaume, i'm satisfied. :D
    Hope everything is going well in Califonia, I'm absolutely dripping with jealousy, you lucky guy! You'll have to report back on the exciting travel when you return!
    Oh, and I did get up the never to open up the computer, it was very easy. But YIKES, it was gross in there. My apartment is so so dusty, it almost looked like a mouse was building a nest in the tower. Ick.

    By Blogger Sarah, at 1:25 PM  

  • crayfish...o_O for real?

    My community at home always regard them as I feel weird now

    By Blogger S. Stephani Soejono, at 7:39 PM  

  • I think people eat them all over the place... don't worry, it's not weird!

    By Blogger Sarah, at 7:38 PM  

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