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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Girly painting in Acrylics

Yeah, so turns out, now that I think about it, that I've never really learned/been taught how to paint (in terms of specific techniques; nor painting the figure). And I'm not getting any YOUNGER....
So, I was in an AMAZING used bookstore on Kerr Street, and they had tons of big, thin, old Walter Foster how-to-make-art books, so I picks some up on painting and also a book called "Painting Portraits, Nudes, and Clothed Figures". I liked the last one because it actually has step by step photos and explanations on all these ways to paint people. Yeah, APPARENTLY there's techniques and you don't actually have to make up everything from scratch. Funny, that.
I picked out a photo of Exotic dancer Liz O'Leyar, from a 1955 girlie magazine I have, and tried out some of the techniques from the book.
I like the results. Some parts look like hell (is that suppose to be HAIR? Don't ask me!) and some look pretty neato (I love her rosy cheeks and eyelashes). But the main thing is... I've now learned what the term "Alla Prima" means. ONWARD!

On a side note, I totally skipped lifedrawing tonight. I'm feeling sick, wanted to paint, and will sneak into fundies lifedrawing tomorrow. So there.
Oh, and I also bought (with money that should be spent on food and rent...) some other used books, about wolves, natural disasters, and the Natural History of Carnivores. Bloody awesome.

Books are my anti-drug.

Oh, wait, no. Books ARE my drug.


  • Lol, I was going to bamblast you for not going to life drawing but you already acknowledged that fact.


    You don't get City of Lost Children till next week sucka! (I'm not going to the the fundies one tomorrow)

    Keep up the painting. Artists (painters) used to be judged on the quality of their flesh painting, or something. Really, it's true!

    By Blogger Cooked Art, at 10:50 PM  

  • Pretty! I'm feelin those lips in particular.

    I'm definitely in that whole "make it up as you go" category. I'm sure i've developed countless bad habits. I really should get a book. After five years of art school i dont think there _are_ painting classes where you.. learn painting techniques.. go figure. hehe. I can only have the color wheel explained to me so many times.

    Good call on the book.

    By Blogger Sam Bradley, at 12:21 AM  

  • nooooooooooo! but, City of Lost Children!! ::sob::
    Ah, tis the price I pay. ::sigh::

    Thanks sam!
    Actually, legends say that there are SOME art schools where you DO learn painting techniques... Guillaume when to an academy-style school in Montreal, and has classical training up the wazoo! But I don't speak french. dang.
    Hehe, yeah, color wheel... and they never really learn too much about color in depth, either, the lessons seem to end after complimentary and triadic (er, however that's spelled)
    I think that's part of why so many artists are going into commercial art: that's where strong painting/draftsmen knowledge is still being learned and used. Fine arts generally through that out with the word "conceptual art"
    wow. I'm rambling. And rallying against conceptual art, which at other times I defend.
    I think I have a job interview I have to be getting ready for. :-P

    By Blogger Sarah, at 7:11 AM  

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