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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Grabbag of Drawings

These last two were drawing from life, the rest are visual thoughts. All from my sketchbook, drawn in ink.
My line quality and drawing style seems to be quite effected by the medium I'm using... with ink there's a slightly shakey, decisive/indecisiveness thing going on; with pencil (especially colerase, like in the previous post) things are more flowing, energetic, animation-styling. I enjoy each in their own way.
I worked at the gym today for the first time in ages, and I pushed myself way too hard... now I'm feeling sniffley and weak... no, I don't want to get sick! BOO.


  • Lol! I misread the text and thought you said "the first two are from life" for some reason.

    And then I wondered if the drawing on the left was Mel and on the right was Evan.

    Laughter ensued.

    By Blogger Cooked Art, at 9:48 PM  

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