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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

watercolor and collage

When having a bad day, it's probably not a great idea to pull out the medium that you haven't used in years and seldom have the patience to use properly... and then use it for a self-portrait. Nonetheless, one bored, crappy evening a couple days ago I decided that was exactly what I was going to do. I find the results quite interesting, in a questionable technique-wise, but somewhat expressionistic, manner. It's an unplanned drawing (just going straight in with a quill pen) starting at one end of the picture and working my way around until suddenly the page is full of a picture. When I jumped in with applying the watercolors, I discovered that the ink I used was NOT waterproof, so... well, that was a challenge. Rather than scrapping the picture I tried to go with the melting ink lines, letting the black outlines bleed and see what comes of it.
The drawing is kindof Alice-in-Wonderland-ish, with the disturbed feeling of awkward proportion and slightly skewed perspective.
Collage is such a great way to flush out the ideas and themes that are dancing in the corners of your brain, but only come out in more subconscious ways.

I have some collage/drawing/digital concept art pieces that I've been working on lately for two esteemed colleagues' project, but am not sure if they will allow me to post them here, as of yet. Shame, because I'm pretty excited about them.

Last night I watched "The Blue Angel", the 1930 German classic. I very much recommend it; very engaging storytelling and acting... and a well played, traumatic ending.


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