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Sunday, July 02, 2006

More painting water...

So, today my attempts to paint water continued. This time I used photoshop, and worked from some reference (Something I loathe to do, but shall for the sake of my education.) I think I learned a lot from it about the way water looks.


  • Ffffffuuuck!!! At first glance I thought that was a photo! Ok, when you look at it you see the brushstrokes and stuff, but dude, you got the lighting/structure/texture on this BANG ON. Working from reference is GOOD, I'm glad you're stepping over your loathing, because you know what?... Reference has a secret crush on you! Teehee

    By Blogger Guillaume, at 12:04 PM  

  • hehe, awesome, I made Guillaume swear. Actually in looking back at it, I think the colors need work... too lifeless. But I'm glad you like it, overall. I'm still hesitant towards reference, regardless of how it feels towards me... :P It's definately best for learning things, for taking steps towards better work, not as an end in of itself. Like, this painting works ok as a study, but I don't feel a whole lot of personal pride from it or anything. There's not much personal about it. It's a technique piece.

    I'm sorry, reference. I never meant to hurt you, but... I really am just using you.

    By Blogger Sarah, at 10:23 AM  

  • Oh for sure, I don't think there's much art in the ability to copy stuff, but it's just such an awesome tool for learning! I used to think true artists shouldn't have to look at any reference to produce art, but clearly that's bull! I think for artworks that have any sort of realistic representation, liberal use of reference is bound to enhance the work. Because unless you have photographic memory, your mind just can't beat your eyes, there's always gonna be something you won't know how to draw from imagination.

    I pretty much agree on not having much personnal pride about copies too. I wouldn't put something like that in a portfolio as a display of one's work, for sure. But on the other hand, it tells you "hey, you've got enough technical skill to do that, that's less limits for your creation, ata girl/boy!" So maybe reference is more like a casual lover, no comitment or emotional ties, just sweet stuff when you need it ;D

    By Blogger Guillaume, at 4:03 PM  

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