Double Chin

Monday, July 03, 2006

painting people on the computamer.

My flavor of the week seems to be digital painting. And figures/portraits. Most of the figure work that I do normally is based in line; I've been stuck in rut drawing in the same way for so long, it wasn't interesting anymore, and I wasn't really engaged with the problem of representing figures so much... sortof lapsed into a plateau. So trying to use shade and tone and color is still so novel to me. And working like this... I'm learning so much about structure and form and color, and composition, and everything is so much more fascinating now.... Everything is made new....

First, a couple simplified greyscale studies....
hehe, they're so manly. There is some seriously ambiguous arm muscles going on with that guy's armpit.

Now this little digital study is after an image by Katsuya Terada. I'm not a fan of his intensely super-porno art, but some of his paintings and studies are darned purty. I just loved the way he used colors on this redhead. Oh, and this study obviously does the original no justice.

And this last one was made without reference, just trying to apply some of this stuff I've been figuring out. I love her super high forehead. Her facial structure was partially inspired by a Virgin and Child painting by Dieric Bouts from the 15th century. Her skin is so eerily lifeless, so alien.... woooooooooh.


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