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Friday, July 07, 2006

This week:

We've got some markers, some photography, some digital (photoshop painting) studies, some pencil crayon, highlighters, a little ink, hand photocollage, and pencil. Some cars (rare! it's so rare that I draw vehicles, oh god vehicles rarely incite my interest**...), nudes, landscapes, bones, anatomy, tourists, sidewalks, streets, weeds.... It's such an interesting world out there.

Note: I didn't take the photos used in the above two photo collages.
They are criminally STOLEN from magazines (ie. I cut and pasted, and am obviously going to hell.)
All other photos in this post were created by me.

** I think the last time I drew vehicles in any capacity was while I was working as a flag girl on the bridge crew in Alberta, and all I saw, all day, every day, was pickup trucks, semi trucks, cars, sometimes vans, all passing by me, off to do interesting things. One of the girls I worked with (she was an awesome buddy, a proud redneck chick, and really gorgeous; I think she has a baby now....) Anyway, she was a car/truck fanatic, and tried to teach me how to identify the different brands of trucks, the different types and terminologies (like crewcab, extended cab, um... can't remember much else). Every time I sent through a group of vehicles, I would radio something like "um, sending 5, last one a blue crew cab Chev." And then when it passed her, she would tell me if I identified it right or not, often correcting me. She even tried to explain the different number of cylinders in engines.... Man, a different world. And how did I express this new awareness of vehicles? I make pages of vehicle sketches and studies during lunch and coffee breaks. Drawings now buried in the piles of sketchbooks cluttering my parents' basement, and most of the knowledge forgotten. Oh, sweet memories.


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