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Saturday, January 20, 2007

whole lotta grab-bag-iness

She's not done yet, but here's what on the go right now. I've been having a grand old time trying out different poses for her, but I think something a bit tentative and introspective will be what I'm going to go for.
Her legs, although made mostly of thin wire and tinfoil, are pretty floppy and unsupportive... I hope I can get her propped up in the correct arrangement for baking, so that she stands up nicely. I'm probably going to have to make her a flat stand of some sort to glue her feet down to, but that'll be fun to make, methinks.

Ok seriously this is so superhot. Check her out, all laid out and emaciated and made of plastic...
This is before I added on much of her bodyfat... I love adding on layers of muscle and fat, it's such a wonderful fleshing out... the whole process is just... I just love working over the human fleshiness, the solidity but uncertainty of form, the points of assurance but also hesitation... anyway I'm getting art-flaky, and that just means that I'm having a great time.
But anyway... HOT!

This is a page from a collage/photos/paint/etc. book I was making for Eric last summer. I like this one, especially because they're lighting his bum on fire. tee hee. hot bum. HEHEHEHE

Check it out, my awesome new student ID photo, taken by some tech kid who didn't have a clue what he was doing, and obviously cared very little. BUT the important thing is, that it show my new hair (I've never gotten streaks done before... and look, it's getting long! whooh!) and my NEW GLASSES. They're even cooler when you can see the details- the frame's pattern/colors look like something between fine mermaidy fish scales, and pixelart. In gorgeous colors that look a bit different based on the lighting.

Ooh, reading and craft night with the crew is tonight. I can't wait, getting together with superawesome people to read interesting stuff out loud, make silly crafts, drink tea, and sometimes act out random french plays point blank, is pretty much my definition of.... SUPERAWESOME!

btw, I really love the new easy to use spellcheck on blogger, but it still doesn't seem to understand all the words I like to make up.


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