Double Chin

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Textile madness!

A handbag I made... get it, HAND bag? There's a hand on it?
That's right, I'm funny. I'm not quite finished it yet, I still some embroidery to do... a twirling stream of red thread is going to be coming out from the clenched hand, and hanging from the thread is going to be some teeth made of sculpy that Miss The France made for me!
The bag brings together lots of themes I love- plaid, skin textures, and sketching bodyparts.
My sewing skills are still crude at best, but growing in power with each passing day!!

This is the silkscreened version of the pattern I designed (the rough version was posted in this blog about a month ago or so.) It's a two color print (with overlap to create the dark purple) and using hand painting for the long purple stripes. I had to print up a meter of yardage, and because the project was done with the little silkscreens (about 14" by 14"), it took all day to do. But I'm terribly happy with how it turned out. I think I'll probably end up using it to make the most rad set of curtains ever. Yes, curtains... it's almost like I'm nesting or something. Gah!

I'm going to Montreal tomorrow for spring break! Whooh, frenchies everywhere!