Double Chin

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

cartoons, photos, and a text collage

I have a confession: I've had next to no interest in drawing, lately. Beyond drawing out some observations and doodling here and there (and a some lifedrawing sketches, caricatures, and and studies of compositions and poses in magazine photography), my sketchbook has, of late, become filled with words, collages, magazine clippings, typography (the influence of Eliot) and ideas for fabric patterns. My cartoon drawing abilities are definitely suffering for lack of practice. But Eliot made a good point about that; I'd mentioned how frustrated I was with the fact that I didn't seem to feel like drawing cartoons, and he replied "Why do you have to draw cartoons?" I'd never even thought about that, before. I guess, I... I don't HAVE to, do I?

Nonetheless, I think this is probably just another cycle of interests, and drawings/cartoons will have it's day again.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

I've been awfully busy lately, on my super wonderful trip to Victoria, BC, then a drive down to Portland, Oregon, then Mendocino, California, and finally San Francisco. I fell in love with each of those places. (well, I didn't actually fall in love with Mendocino, although it was lovely.) I haven't sifted though the pictures from that trip, yet. Oh, and I also got to experience the Pacific Ocean at several different points along the coast. And to play with crabs and fish and other critters in the tidal pools (I'm so cruel to wildlife, I know. I just love them so much!)
These photos I took on or near my parent's farm. I'm trying to find a way to grab hold of what things I love about my home, while I'm here. One thing I love about traveling: the more I experience the places that other people call home, the more my own place of origin feels like less of a faceless default setting, and more of a distinct, specific collection of textures, feelings, colors, and symbols.

(btw, I'm not sure how the tonal levels and saturations on these will look to other people, as this monitor is pretty sketchy. I hope they translate reasonably well on other computers.)

Back home used to feel like an isolated and boring place to be banished to. Now its become more of a refreshing, rich, and calming haven.

My posting may be very here and there until the end of August. By the beginning of September, I'll be back in Ontario, with my awesome computer and fast internet connection, meaning that regular posting will resume.