Double Chin

Sunday, December 17, 2006

attack of the sleeping heads

Actually they're not sleeping, they're going to be looking down, reading a book.

Thank you Mel for introducing me to Sculpey, this stuff is super neato.

Some of my recent projects I havn't been able to post yet, because they are going to be given as Christmas presents. These heads are also for a gift, but my mom doesn't visit my blog. She's going to bawl when I give it to her, I just know it. Ah, Christmas. It's all about how many people you can make cry.

I sure hope that they don't burn when I bake them. Me=sad if that happens.


I've fallen madly in love with a lump of clay.

Well, she's no longer a lump of clay, but she was when I started to make her. And now, all I can do is feel my heart race as I pass her in the room.

I think I must have forgotten how much I love to sculpt the figure. Why must I lose my heart to so many different mediums? I love to draw. I love to paint. I love textiles. I love sculpting. I love papermaking, and collaging, and photography, and researching a million different things. And deep down I still love the possibilities in animation. How can I ever figure out what to do with myself if I'm being pulled passionately in multiple directions?

And some day, I'm gonna have to leave school and actually support myself financially like a real person. ::terror::

But... I'm working on figuring that all out. In the mean time, I'll cheer myself with infatuation with inanimate objects. And dream of spending this summer in Portland with E-dog. (psst, E-dog i kinda think you're super awesome and kinda sorta super miss you....)

oh, and as you can see, I've finally got my camera up and running again. HORRAY! I have more things to post, STAY TUNED.