Double Chin

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

more photomagraphic images

... there's something very immersive about photography... it's possible to evoke atmosphere and place... and there's a immediacy that I like... and the variety of textures... and experimenting with light... And next year, Eliot and and his fancy nice camera are going to be my roommates. I see good things in the future.

Posting on my blog from here at home is very troublesome. The internet is a very tempermental dialup connection, and the computer has a habit of crashing. The calibration of the moniter also seems a bit sketchy, so I sure hope the colors and contrast in these photos look somewhat like I intend them to!


My parent's scanner is not working. My camera is doing double duty, photographying my sketchbook AND taking regular pictures. Really taking one for the team, it is.

Monday, July 17, 2006


Ok, I'm back in Alberta. On the farm with the family. I've draw pictures, taken landscape photos, gathered up some super awesome textiles that I'm very excited about, collaged, and have been painting the house.
None of that is important right now.

All that matters.... is.... KITTENS! KITTENS KITTENS KITTENS!

I know my priorities.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I have to get into a taxi at 5:15 am to go to the airport, tomorrow. Oh god. And because of my deep drug-like addiction to sleep... I'm going to bed super early.

I have still been sketching, but nothing that's felt relevant enough to post, these last couple days. I'd probably be able to find a few interesting bits here and there, but I still have tons of packing and stuff to do tonight. Luckily my parents have a decent computer and scanner, so I'll be able to keep updating and stuff once I get to Alberta.

Ok, here are a couple of the photos I've taken lately. I know, probably not as titillating for the viewer as drawings and painting and stuff, but I'm really really excited about photography, the fact that I know nothing about it be damned. I'm discovering so much about composition and framing, it's not even funny. Or maybe a little funny. heh. eh heh. ::cough:: eh.

I can't wait to get home, I'm going to go through a bunch of old stuff in the basement to make collages from; and I'm taking acrylics and watercolors along to keep mucking around with; and I can't wait to take photos of the farm and cows, and the grain elevator in Dapp; and two of the cats are going to have kittens soon (WHOOOO!); and I might make some crafts to try selling at the farmer's market, and my mom's going to teach me how to use the sewing machine... And I'm going to start finding fabrics that remind me of home, to make a swatchbook for inspiration once the Textiles program starts next year.

AND hopefully I'll get to visit my Edmonton/St.Albert friends a bit. AND AND AND I'm going to go to Vancouver to meet up with Eric and Eliot, and then we'll go down to SAN FRANCISCO for a little bit!! HOLY FRICKIN crap, this is going to be so awesome.
Oh, and I need to also work my butt off to make some money in between all these things. dammit. It'll work out, somehow. It has to!

OHHHH, and I'm going to go frog catching, too! Dad said that the frogs everywhere, again. Like they used to be, before the drought-ness. It's going to be amazing. Oh frogs I LOVE YOU.

Monday, July 10, 2006

journal pages, and a photo/textiles/lighting/texture study

In a couple days I'm going home to Alberta.

Saturday, July 08, 2006


Something that's fun to do: take lots of head shots of yourself while drunk Friday night; during the saturday morning hangover, do all kinds of cropping and color manipulation in photoshop.
I'd like enlist some more people to take pictures of. It's so fast and easy and fun to play with... Super Neato. Thanks for the idea, Eric! You rock, baby.

hehe this next one is angsty-teen looking.

Friday, July 07, 2006

I think the window was open.

I'm such a rock star, I don't even need to brush the hair out of my face.

art on the internet

Browsing the internet can bring such a bittersweet mix of delight and despair. There are so many talented artists, plugging away every day, and it's such a wonderful, inspiring thing to view. And that the interweb has allowed our generation to almost effortlessly share our art, ideas, sketches, the shining glories and the charming little blips and artistic regressions... we are so lucky. When I let the competitive side of me take hold, I'm filled with intimidation, discovering how many people there are with drive and talent and vision; it makes me feel insignificant, and that I'm really nothing special. For every inspired outpouring and study I produce, there will always be someone else taking it further, someone more worthy. The internet is an effective way to face the fact, that there's always going to be someone better than you. Always.
And any artist who denies ever comparing themselves to others, nor feeling competitive, nor intimidated, is lying. Or just arrogantly dillusional.
So what is there to do? The cliches, I suppose. Pick myself up and keep, ehem, "following my heart"; keep creating, listening to my own muse, regardless. And "be thankful" for the blessing it is to witness the achievements of other artists, to be able to converse with them, to learn about them, to delight in their ideas and successes. And be inspired, not intimidated. One of the best things about all the art on the internet, the forums, the webpages and sketchblogs, is seeing that absolutely incredible things are possible, and by lots of 'ordinary' people. And the privilege to witness them progress from struggling beginners, to technically and conceptually brilliant creators.

This week:

We've got some markers, some photography, some digital (photoshop painting) studies, some pencil crayon, highlighters, a little ink, hand photocollage, and pencil. Some cars (rare! it's so rare that I draw vehicles, oh god vehicles rarely incite my interest**...), nudes, landscapes, bones, anatomy, tourists, sidewalks, streets, weeds.... It's such an interesting world out there.

Note: I didn't take the photos used in the above two photo collages.
They are criminally STOLEN from magazines (ie. I cut and pasted, and am obviously going to hell.)
All other photos in this post were created by me.

** I think the last time I drew vehicles in any capacity was while I was working as a flag girl on the bridge crew in Alberta, and all I saw, all day, every day, was pickup trucks, semi trucks, cars, sometimes vans, all passing by me, off to do interesting things. One of the girls I worked with (she was an awesome buddy, a proud redneck chick, and really gorgeous; I think she has a baby now....) Anyway, she was a car/truck fanatic, and tried to teach me how to identify the different brands of trucks, the different types and terminologies (like crewcab, extended cab, um... can't remember much else). Every time I sent through a group of vehicles, I would radio something like "um, sending 5, last one a blue crew cab Chev." And then when it passed her, she would tell me if I identified it right or not, often correcting me. She even tried to explain the different number of cylinders in engines.... Man, a different world. And how did I express this new awareness of vehicles? I make pages of vehicle sketches and studies during lunch and coffee breaks. Drawings now buried in the piles of sketchbooks cluttering my parents' basement, and most of the knowledge forgotten. Oh, sweet memories.